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“I can honestly say, hand on heart that it’s been an absolutely fulfilling experience”

Introducing Team NLP


The 8 Attitudes for Personal & Professional Success

by Lindsey Agness Master Trainer of NLP

NLP training in the UK and going global!

We have a vision for Team NLP to be ‘Leading the Global Movement in NLP based Personal Development’. Yes, this is a big audacious vision that will be created by building NLP development hubs all over the world to bring change and success to those seeking much more out of their lives.

We believe we are the first NLP training business to not only offer the full-range of accredited NLP development programmes but also to offer our newly qualified students a unique opportunity to join Team NLP and help build a global business transforming the world one person or organisation at a time!

What is different about us is that once you have become a Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Trainer or Master Trainer of NLP you can join a team that shares and collaborates to deliver world-class training events in a consistently winning way. You will be someone who relishes the opportunity of working alongside like-minded people and is willing to work hard and to be accountable for the teams’ results.

We have an acronym for the values of Team NLP:

– Teach authentically: the foundation of our work
– Empower: those we teach and ourselves
– Accelerate: the success of our students and our team
– Mentor: so we can all reach our true potential

Our founder is Lindsey Agness, one of the first female Master Trainers of NLP in the UK, and author of four best-selling books on NLP-based organisational and personal change. Lindsey believes that everyone has the ability to change their lives and that it is never too late to change and she is willing to do whatever it takes to assist you to find your purpose in life and rediscover your passion.

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