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Lindsey Agness

Lindsey Agness is the founder and managing director of Team NLP. She is the first woman Master Trainer of NLP in the UK accredited through the American Board of NLP. She trains and coaches using NLP for individuals and international businesses and she is an award winning author.

Lindsey worked for 11 years as a change management consultant, corporate trainer and coach for PricewaterhouseCoopers, where she attended her first NLP course and discovered that life would never be the same again! Lindsey inspires people to transform their performance and change their lives.

Lindsey has a Masters Degree in Policy Studies from Bristol University, and has written 4 best-selling books on organisational and personal change.

Abby Oates 

Abby is a highly skilled and experienced NLP Practitioner, coach, facilitator and learning and development practitioner, with a passion for empowering and coaching individuals, teams and organisations to be the best they can be.

Abby is a specialist in facilitating engagement, training and team building events, and enabling organisations to develop their strategic vision, live their values and deliver successful change. Abby uses coaching and brain based learning techniques, working collaboratively and creatively with her clients to develop and tailor an approach which works for them.

Before becoming an independent consultant, Abby spent 14 years in the NHS, working in a range of specialist HR and training roles. As the Head of Learning & Development, she led the facilitation of organisation-wide engagement events, facilitated the development of a set of organisational behaviours to underpin the organisational values, introduced a brain based learning approach to organisational training programmes, and designed and implemented a suite of interactive management and leadership development sessions.

Abby has an MSc in Human Resources Management and Business Administration.

In her spare time, Abby is also an active family historian, and a volunteer mentor for women and young people through the Aspire and CIPD Steps Ahead mentoring programmes.