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by | May 10, 2020

How was the last week for you?  Well we achieved our goal of getting the bikes out of the garage and seeing if they were roadworthy after many years.  To keep myself accountable, I am here to report that we managed to cycle from our home to the local bay and it was really good fun.  Finally, we have found a form of exercise that we can do together. 
This week I have personally had my most challenging week – not sure why.  My energy took a dip for a couple for days.  I just ran out of steam.  I took on board some of my own advice and am now gratefully back on track.  So, this week I thought would share some of the things that I practised on myself.  What I realised was that the balance of my life had become rather skewed.  Too tempting to just carry on working without any different focus at the weekend.  This weekend being the bank holiday was an opportunity to re-focus.  Here are a few ideas to help us all keep going. 

First keep your boundaries around your working day.  Review your routine…is it ok or has it slipped? Make sure that you have time for yourself whatever your situation.  Even if you are in a studio flat, find a way to create some kind of separation.  Put away your work stuff.  I saw a photo this week of someone who had just put a blanket over their workstation…what a great idea! 

Secondly, have a clear start and finish time – get into work mode, however, you do that.  For me, it is making sure I look good enough to have my zoom video on!  Take regular breaks and ensure that you eat well.  Ask yourself what can you do more of?  How can you promote your own well-being?  It is easy to start to get into bad habits of going to bed late, watch too much TV etc.  This week I have been watching more webinars just for me and making time before I start work for an exercise class.

Thirdly, set an outcome or positive intention for the day, no matter how big or small it is.  And make the time to pat yourself on the back when you have done it.

 Finally, when you are out, remember to smile and say ‘hello’ to others.  It is a way of keeping up a social connection.  It is surprising how many people will also respond with a smile and a ‘hello’ back.  In NLP we call it the mirror neuron response…more about that another time! 

 Have a rewarding week.

Lindsey Agness and Team NLP x

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