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by | Apr 26, 2020

How are you feeling? I am keeping busy with lots of new ideas for the business – watch out for an email about our new online NLP Practitioner next week that starts of the 9th May.  We have a great offer for our inaugural group!  This has been challenging my grey cells and keeping me positive and focused. 

I read a great quote this week. 

‘’When our negative emotions are high our intelligence is low’’.

This effectively means that we are unable to do our best or live our best life when we are feeling unresourceful.  And I do not want to undermine anything that is happening out there especially if you have been personally affected by the virus. Yet, when you think about times when you have been your best self it will not be when you have been feeling anxious or at low energy.   It will be when you have been feeling good about yourself.  Of course, it is challenging to get yourself back into a better place once you fall out of it.  The first step is to recognise that you are not in a good place.  Awareness is the first step.  Here is a simple process that you can do to help yourself shift your mood which you can do quickly and easily…

Imagine yourself floating out of your own body and looking down on yourself.  What do you notice? 

  • How are you feeling?
  • What are you thinking?
  • How are you behaving?
  • What are you saying to yourself?

Notice what you notice and write it down.  Ask yourself how would you like to feel / think / behave / say instead?  What’s different about where you would like to get to from where you are now? Write it down again. 

Then ask yourself how can you start to make the shift towards where you would like to be? What are some of the small steps that you can take?  Some ideas might be:

  • Making sure that you get your daily exercise as any movement will help to change your state
  • Speaking with others more often
  • Focusing on what you can do and have rather than what you cannot do and have not got
  • Taking some time for you and do whatever makes you smile
  • Seek out the possibilities rather than the restraints
  • Be nice to yourself
  • Learn something new

Write these ideas down too.  Then imagine floating back down into your body with all the ideas and check out how different you feel.  Pick one thing to get started with today and take small steps.

Stay safe

Lindsey Agness and Team NLP x

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