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NLP trainer's training

NLP trainer’s training

14 day course, plus four days of evaluation

Why attend Team NLP Trainer’s Training and Evaluation?

Would you like to:

  • Build your own NLP training business
  • Run regular NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner trainings
  • Become the very best trainer you can be
  • Launch yourself into the keynote speaker business
  • Always feel confident when stepping in front of an audience regardless of the size
  • Become a corporate trainer and facilitator using NLP to customise programmes
  • Stretch yourself by experiencing an intensive personal development journey that changes lives

Our Trainer’s Training is designed to develop you into a world class trainer, speaker and facilitator, wherever your starting point. And, for those who excel on Trainer’s Training the opportunity to make money with Team NLP as one of our elite Trainers.

What does it take to become an NLP trainer?

  • To attend the NLP Trainer’s Training, Evaluation and Certification you need to be a Certified Master Practitioner of NLP.
  • You can attend the 14-day NLP Trainer’s Training as a Certified Practitioner of NLP. You could then do the NLP Trainer’s Evaluation and Certification once you have become a Master Practitioner of NLP

In addition, you need to…

  • Know your NLP inside out
  • Take and integrate extensive feedback
  • Demonstrate techniques successfully with others
  • Present NLP content to a high standard in an inspiring and entertaining way
  • Have the determination to do whatever it takes to succeed

What is taught on our NLP trainer’s Training?

The NLP Trainer’s Training itself is 14 days in duration, which is then followed by a 4-day evaluation and certification process. During the first 14 days you will be professionally presenting and learning from the very best, gaining valuable feedback along the way. We teach you to become a world-class trainer, facilitator and presenter. You will be using the NLP techniques from your NLP Practitioner & NLP Master Practitioner trainings to script and present in front of an audience and practice with other aspiring NLP students. The training uses lots of hypnotic and accelerated learning methods too, and before you know it, you will be presenting your new skills without having to think about it.

  • Building rapport with audiences of any size
  • Rapidly gaining the respect, focus, control and agreement of a group
  • Working with energy as a trainer
  • How to enter and maintain the ideal state for successful training
  • Managing group dynamics
  • Banishing your own stage fright and that of others
  • Letting go of any limiting belief you may have about becoming a successful NLP Trainer
  • Learning to use hypnotic suggestion in your trainings to accelerate learning and install new skills
  • Be able to design your own training programmes
  • Be able to deliver demonstrations that inspire and motivate your audiences
  • Use the 4-MAT system to perfectly structure your presentations easily
  • Learn the techniques behind being great presenter, offering motivational and keynote speeches
  • Dealing with difficult individuals in your audience
  • How to take a group of delegates and give them the skills, knowledge and tuition so that they can evolve as the finest NLP Practitioners & Master Practitioner graduating from your school
  • Learn how to sell your training to create a profitable business
  • Plus much, much more

What happens during the 4-day evaluation process?

  • On day 1, you will be expected to complete a closed book written test which is based around the content of your NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Training. You have a full day to complete this so no time pressures are upon you.
  • On days 2 and 3 you will be presenting. You will be asked to complete two different 30-minute presentations typically taken from the content of the traditional NLP Practitioner or Master Practitioner syllabus. At the end of each presentation you will be provided with feedback by the training team. The content of the presentations are down to you and you get lots of time to practice during the first 14 days of the NLP Trainers Training.
  • The final day is Demo Day. You will be expected to present a live demonstration of an NLP Practitioner or NLP Master Practitioner pattern. You’ll get to choose your own demonstration subjects and the NLP pattern will be chosen by LIndsey for you to perform. Once again you will have the first 14 days to learn how to make every demonstration work perfectly every time.

Who will be training and evaluating me?

Lindsey Agness, Master Trainer of NLP, along with Tracey Gray, Trainer of NLP will work with you to ensure you meet the required standards for the American Board of NLP.

What if I attend the NLP Trainer’s Training and Evaluation?

Being certified as a Trainer of NLP is just the beginning of an exciting journey of learning and personal transformation. You then have the opportunity to run your own NLP training institute or maybe you’d like to join Team NLP as we grow our business over the globe. Other students have focused on training NLP within the business consulting and training field.

One thing is for sure, is that life will never be the same again as you prove to yourself that you have what it takes to be a world-class trainer, facilitator and presenter.


Early bird offer £3250 + VAT for the 14 days training and £750 for evaluation + VAT.

Full price £3500 + VAT for the 14 days training and £1000 + VAT for evaluation.

Payment plans available.


2020 Dates & venues to be confirmed

For further details call: +44 1304 621735

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