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by | Apr 5, 2020

How is your time in our new normal going? We have been getting into a new routine which has been surprisingly good. A regular walk every day and experimenting with lots of yoga and barre on-line. We even went to the theatre as the National Theatre is streaming live at 7pm every Thursday evening. Well worth a watch!  Also, lots of innovation in the business.

This week I want to share news of an exciting initiative I have been involved in. 

Less than 2 weeks ago a friend of mine, Kevin Mcalpin, asked me if I would contribute towards a new free e-book to help the world survive coronavirus and social isolation. The purpose is to share experiences of how we can help each other to cope.  He has amassed a range of writers from across the world to share their ideas. I was honoured to be involved. I am sharing a pdf of the book. Please share with others and use the hashtag #letsresetnormal to get the book out to the world!

Ideas to Keep a Positive Mindset…an excerpt from my article in the book

Be aware of what you are focusing on. Our thoughts drive how we feel which ultimately drives our behaviour and our results. Ask yourself, where is my focus right now? Is it on the problem of Covid-19 and fake news? Or, is it on the opportunity for innovation, doing things differently in your life and your business?

’Where focus goes, energy flows’’

In my business, I am having daily brain-storming calls with my fellow Directors to explore how to take the business on-line and offer value now which helps me to feel good about the future and motivates me to take action!

Keep a daily journal to build your own awareness of what is going on in your focus and internal conversations as much of it will be unconscious.  It is important to build conscious awareness so you can begin to create new behaviours. Experiment incorporating “positive affirmations” into your new normal day.  If many times a day you are repeating some sort of “I can, I will” mantra in your head you will start to shift your thoughts about what is possible for you.

“Change your thoughts. Change your life.”

If you feel yourself going into a negative state, for an immediate shift in how you feel do something physical like going for a walk or simply get up, get moving, stand up straight and smile.

I hope these ideas inspire you to start now to build a new routine in your life and to think and feel more positive about the future.

Stay safe,

 Lindsey Agness and Team NLP x

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