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by | Nov 1, 2020


Our weekly Team NLP blog where you will find inspiration and actionable advice on how to build healthy habits, resilience, and connections in our unprecedented times.

How have you been feeling this week?  If you are living in England, then you will have heard the news about another lockdown from Thursday this week – this time initially for a month.  It can feel like another mountain to climb hence the photo of the ladder.  Last week I spoke about how to ramp up your personal empowerment which is really important now to help yourself and your families through the next few weeks.  I don’t know about you, but my initial reaction was one of resignment to the situation.  Today I am feeling pretty tired and I know that the decision to batten down the hatches is driving this.  I have just had a text from my daughter who is feeling exactly the same.  This time she is going to be moving in as she lives alone and struggled alone last time.  So maybe the first question to ask yourself is what have I learnt from last time that I will repeat because it was good for me or I can improve upon?  For example, I am determined to keep my daily exercise going and I am delighted to see that I can still do that with the new running partner that I met who lives a few doors away from us during the last lockdown. 

Let’s consider what else we can do to help ourselves?

Although not really from NLP, a model I use a lot with my corporate clients is called the ‘Sphere of Influence’.  It is very relevant at this time.  It challenges us to focus our energy on the things that we can control and / or influence rather than the things we cannot.  For example, I had no control or influence over the decision by the government to lockdown again so no point wasting energy worrying about it.  On the contrary though I have 100% control over my reaction and how I implement the new rules.  I also have some influence over, for example, how my daughter spends lockdown this time around.  Get it?  It stops us wasting energy and getting anxious about the things we can do nothing about.  So, check with yourself?  Where is the balance of my focus right now?  Shift it towards the things you can control and influence. 


My fellow Director in Team NLP, Tracey Gray, posted this picture onto our Team NLP membership Facebook page this week and I thought it was really helpful and even more relevant now with the new lockdown news.  There are definitely things you can choose from each section to boost your happiness without breaking any lockdown rules!  My challenge this week for you is to pick at least one from each list every day and see how you get on.  I have been doing it all week since Tracey posted it and I love it.   

Hack Happiness Chimical

You may also want to use the spare time that you may have to develop yourself in the art and science of Neuro Linguistic Programming.  Remember that your life begins to shift when you make a decision to do something different.  Are you ready to expand the possibilities in your life?  As always, we have payment plans available for those willing to invest in themselves.  We have details below of our next NLP Practitioner and NLP Practitioner coach programmes.  Hope you can join us.

Take care and very best wishes from Team NLP

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