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by | May 24, 2020

How are you feeling? Are you feeling how you want to feel?  An interesting question!  This week I promised to share an NLP technique with you to help you in any moment, and especially as we begin to move from crisis into adapting to whatever comes next.  Maybe you are fearful of going back to work or having your children back in school.  For most people things happen and they react. NLP offers a better way. It gives you tools to react differently by choice, to be more aware of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviour. You are then ready to take responsibility for your results.  This process gives you more choice from moment to moment about how you want to feel. 

Find somewhere where you are comfortable, and you have some quiet space.  Relax and close your eyes.  Take yourself to your ‘happy’ space in your imagination.  We may have been kept in lockdown for many weeks now but that does not prevent us from going to places that make us happy in our imagination.  We can tap into those really wonderful memories at any time.  For me it is always looking at the sea from a favourite place of mine, especially early in the morning when the world is still, and I can watch the sun slowly emerge from the far horizon.  I just think of that place and I immediately feel happier and more relaxed.  In NLP terms we can use vividly remembered positive associated specific memories in the past to help us change our state in the now!  Now that was a mouthful.  What is important is that you choose specific memories and you really imagine going back to that space – see what you saw, hear what you heard, notice what you notice and really get back the feelings of what you felt. 

We can build on what we have already done as follows…

 From your happy place I want you to imagine finding many happy memories.  Put your hand out and literally grasp each one and take it into your heart as you add it to the happy memory you started with.  See what memories pop into your thoughts and go with them.  Stick with happy memories.  Each time, remember to choose a specific memory and really imagine going back to that space – see what you saw, hear what you heard, notice what you notice and really get back the feelings of  what you felt.  You can have as many as you like.  See if you can do this for at least 5 minutes…can be longer.  Then with all these wonderful feelings in your body, apply pressure to the knuckle of the first finger of your left hand with the first finger of your right hand.  In NLP terms we have ‘anchored’ the wonderful feelings to your knuckle.  To use it in the future, press your knuckle and begin to remember all the amazing memories you accessed before.  Enjoy!  We will go through the whole process together on our Introduction to NLP detailed below. 

Recover with clarity

Lindsey Agness and Team NLP x

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