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Is Neuro Linguistic Programming old hat?

Is Neuro Linguistic Programming old hat?

Recently, I was challenged after a key-note presentation I gave about the benefits of NLP and how it can change your life.  Someone came over and challenged me by saying ‘Isn’t NLP rather old hat these days?  I was rather taken aback as I have used NLP as my tool-kit for change with individuals and teams since I began my NLP journey in 1997.  However, this comment got me thinking.

NLP is now 40 years and we have developed a whole raft of tools and techniques that can help anyone improve individual and team performance. These can be applied in both professional and personal lives. NLP still gives you immediate and practical benefits, which so often lead to deeper and more lasting change as you begin to reassess and look at the world in a different way. You then have more choices available to you.  NLP evolved from the study of top human performers and revealing the structure of their excellence. The question NLP has always focused on is: ‘What is the difference that makes the difference?’

However, it has not stood still and has evolved over recent years.  Two areas that I have personally got involved in over the last two years, and now include in my NLP training programmes, are:

  • The application of applied neuro science and NLP
  • mBraining, the process of aligning and harnessing the power of your multiple brains

Now scientific knowledge is finally catching up with NLP and I agree that is a good thing.  We now find that the rigour of neuroscience research is being combined with the power and practical techniques of NLP.  This is providing the next evolution of NLP in that we are now beginning to understand why these NLP how-to techniques actually work from a neuroscience perspective.  A little neuro science goes a long way and gives us new insight and a real unique edge.

With mBraining, again it is the latest neuroscience findings that have shown us how to align our fully functional brains in our heart, gut and head to increase our intuitive abilities and to generate wiser decision-making in daily life.  mBraining expands upon the NLP model and provides a way of significantly advancing what is possible with NLP as working with three brains rather than one adds significantly to how you do NLP.

So, it seems that there is a whole new kind of credibility around NLP that helps us to deal with an ever increasing VUCA world.  VUCA stands for volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. It absolutely gives us a strategy for steady and engaging leadership in an unsteady world.