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8 attitudes for success

8 attitudes for success

As a business consultant, I have always enjoyed using models to simplify complex situations making them more manageable. Firstly, a model provides a framework to improve our chances of success and secondly, it presents practical approaches to help us to change our lives.

Whilst I have been inspired by Stephen Covey’s model of the ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, for many years I have wanted to create something that is relevant in today’s world and where I could add my own knowledge of NLP to develop a model of personal and professional change for you.  It is for this reason I have developed the 8 Attitudes for Success Model.

I have used the word Attitude very deliberately as an attitude is about mind-set and it is made up of your values and beliefs about the world and what is achievable.  Our values are what are most important to us and they motivate us to take action or not.  Our beliefs are what drive us to achieve or not. They are what determines our confidence levels and self-esteem, which in turn determines whether we believe we can achieve what we want in our lives.  Beliefs work like an on-off switch.

The 8 Attitudes for Success Model is a powerful combination for living a balanced life, paying attention to the physical, social, emotional, mental, and spiritual areas of life.  When applied together, these 8 Attitudescreate the necessary mind-set for anyone to live their lives with purpose, passion and to achieve their full potential.

If you take some time to learn about the 8 Attitudes Model I can guarantee that you will attract more success into your life – whatever success means to you. Over the next eight blog posts I will explore each attitude in more detail, starting with Attitude 1 – I Live My Life On Purpose.